Federal Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Immigration Ban Just Got BAD NEWS

BREAKING: Yesterday a federal judge blocked President Trump’s immigration order that protects Americans from migrants from seven extreme Muslim countries. Liberals have praised the order — but now, it’s clear that President Trump will not back down!

Via the Daily Mail: Donald Trump has slammed a ‘so-called’ judge’s decision to controversially halt his immigration order and claims some Middle Eastern countries agree with the ban.

A furious Trump fired off a series of tweets on Saturday morning as major airlines started allowing passengers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen to fly to U.S. cities if they had valid documents.

It comes after Qatar Airways was the first to say on Saturday morning it would allow previously banner passengers to fly to U.S. cities following the judge’s ruling. Air France, Etihad Airlines, Spain’s Iberia and German airline Lufthansa all followed suit. But the website of major Gulf airline Emirates still carried notices informing passengers of Trump’s original January 27 order.

The White House slammed the judge’s ruling as ‘outrageous’ and vowed to appeal as soon as possible. The temporary restraining order represents a major challenge to Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Judge Robart made his ruling effective immediately on Friday, and Customs and Border Protection immediately alerted major US airlines that it will begin to reinstate visas.

Trump has made it clear that he will fight to put AMERICA FIRST. People voted for Trump because they are tired of the “rights” of immigrants being prioritized over the rights of American citizens.

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