Everyone Spotted The Change Of Personal In Trump’s Guard As Soon As He Landed In Washington DC

Donald Trump just flew to Washington DC alongside the future first lady Melania Trump. As they landed, everyone got very excited because the next time he steps in another city, he will enter as a president.

Hold on everyone!  CHANGE IS COMING!

Donald and Melania Trump just arrived in Washington DC for the inauguration. The next time he leaves DC he will leave as President Donald Trump. He quickly picked his cabinet and has legislation ready to go in the republican congress. Change is coming.

He also has 4 or 5 executive actions ready to be signed, right after he is sworn in. To say he is the most prepared incoming President we’ve ever had is probably an understatement.

He has reached across the aisle and worked with democrats and has, unlike Obama, appeared willing to include them in the process. If you recall Obama froze out republicans and went it alone, with disastrous results.

Not Trump.

After taking on and crushing the Republican establishment Trump did the same to the Democrat old guard. Then he took on the media and demolished those corrupt liars.

Think about it, three of the most powerful, entrenched institutions in America he took on and defeated. No one has ever defeated just one of those, but all three at the same time?

It’s never been done before. But that’s not what people noticed when Trump got off the plane in DC this morning. There is one key difference in Donald? Can you spot it?

He just got his first military salute as commander in chief. Well deserved Donald well deserved.

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