ESPN Anchor Attacks Tony Romo For His “White Privilege”, Gets Ripped Apart On Live TV

Newly retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback was the Dallas Mavericks’ most intensely devoted celebrity fan. Following the news of Romo’s departure from playing in the NFL, the Mavericks decided to honor Romo during the final game of their season by letting him participate in the pre-game shootaround.

Romo retired as the Cowboys’ all-time leader in passing yards, passer rating and many other key statistics. However, all of these accomplishments weren’t enough for an ESPN anchor, who accused Romo of having “white privilege.”

Said Stephen A. Smith about Romo, “Do you know of any black athlete that won just two playoff games, didn’t have any kind of postseason success whatsoever that gets celebrated like this? Usually there is a requirement to have some kind of success in order to garner the celebratory atmosphere and ambiance that we saw for Romo.”

He continued, “As an African-American … I’m enlightening you about the fact that these are the kinds of things away from the white community that when folks in the black community huddle amongst ourselves and talk about things and talk about discrepancies, it’s the kind of stuff that irks us. Because we know that those are the kinds of things that are not reserved for us. Sports is supposed to be the closest thing to a meritocracy. Where is it here?”

Will Cain quickly cut Smith down to size, saying, “What you just said was so much nonsense, and so much junk. To make this racial is so far beyond the pale that it makes real racial issues hard to pay attention to. It detracts.” Do you agree with Will Cain? Watch below:
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