Eric Bolling Just Called Traitor Paul Ryan Out On Live TV For Being An A-Hole, It’s Incredible [Video]

Before he supported Donald Trump, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was clearly in the “Never Trump” camp. This was confirmed recently when secretly recorded audio from last October leaked out where Ryan told Republican lawmakers that he would “never defend Trump.”

Now that Ryan has to live with Trump, however, he has cleverly pretended to have Trump’s back, although many aren’t buying it. Many have suspected that Ryan has been attempting to use this bad “Trumpcare” bill as a way to damage Trump’s credibility for his own benefit. Fox News’ Eric Bolling recently called Paul Ryan out for it.

Said Bolling recently in an interview with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, “For weeks we’ve heard that you had the votes. Paul Ryan had the votes, he’s gonna deliver a bill to the president’s desk that he could push through and get behind, and get his name behind. And now we have this postponement for a day. Is the president, is he disappointed with the health care bill that he’s been presented?”

Sean described how wrangling votes is a balancing act, and Bolling continued, “Alright, alright, Sean, so y’know, and I’m watching this from the other side of the camera here, and I’m watching you guys, you tell me it’s gonna happen and we’ve been hearing it’s gonna happen. Is the president uhm, disappointed with the Speaker of the House?”

Spicer diplomatically dodged the question, but Bolling wouldn’t let him off the hook. Pressed Eric, “Alright, if the bill doesn’t pass. Should the Speaker resign, should Paul Ryan resign?” Responded Spicer, “No, that’s, absolutely not. This has been a great team effort on the Republican behalf, but at the end of the day I don’t think that’s gonna be necessary, because I think the president has made a very very strong case as to why this is everything that we have talked about.” Do you think Eric is right about Paul Ryan? watch below:

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