Donald Trump: The Most Fiscally Successful Campaign In The History Of Modern-American Politics!!!

In the biz of a political race, it’s called a campaign’s “burn rate” – the amount of many being raised vs the amount being spent to secure votes. Since-departed GOP candidate Jeb Bush had an astronomical burn rate that saw him spending tens of thousands of dollars for a single vote. Of the remaining five presidential candidates of both political parties, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Ted Cruz are atop the burn-rate stats, followed by John Kasich, and then in what is proving to perhaps be the single most efficient burn-rate in the history of modern-era American politics is Donald Trump.


When it comes to spending the least and generating the most votes, it’s not even close. The New York billionaire has a per-vote lead of over 2.5 million votes over his closest competitor, Ted Cruz, and yet has done so by spending just a third of what the Cruz campaign has.

That disparity is unprecedented and has placed Trump as the single most frugal national campaigner of this generation – a fact he often reminds voters of when he tells them that it’s that kind of business-minded way of thinking that is so badly needed in the deficit-spending madness that is the federal government.

Some suggest that the reason Mr. Trump is so frugal is because of all the candidates currently running for President, he’s the only one spending his own money to do so. Hillary Clinton has taken $76 million in Super PAC/special interest dollars, while Ted Cruz is not for behind in second with $62 million in Super PAC/special interest funding. In fact, some of the very same Wall Street dollars going to Mrs. Clinton are also going to Ted Cruz despite both candidates stating publicly they intend to, “reign in Wall Street.”