Donald Trump on Paul Manafort, Ted Cruz: ‘Everything I Say, I’m Going to Do!!!


GOP frontrunner Donald Trump held his second campaign rally of the day in Bridgeport, Connecticut at the Klein Memorial Auditorium on Saturday afternoon, where he commented on a recent report about Trump’s new hire Paul Manafort.

The Associated Press recently reported Trump’s senior aide, Manafort, privately told members of the Republican National Committee at a meeting in Florida last week that Trump has been “projecting an image,” but “the part that he’s been playing is now evolving” ahead of the general election.

“The concept is that because of the fact that in a room, I’m going to act different than when I have thousands of people in front [of me] like anybody else [would]. I’m saying essentially the same thing… but you say it in a different way,” Trump explained, replying to a recent attack from his rival  Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) – 97%  who commented on Manafort’s statements, suggesting Trump is lying to voters.

“What he did was took it and [said], ‘He will change and he won’t build a wall,’” Trump said about Cruz’s comments. “Everything I say, I’m going to do, folks.” Trump continued to slam Cruz as a liar during the campaign rally.

Trump praised his team and added that “Hope Hicks, she comes from Connecticut.” Hicks is Trump’s press secretary. Trump also called out Manafort and his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski by name when referencing his team.

Trump noted that Bridgeport, Connecticut lost 60 percent of its manufacturing jobs since 1990, “That’s government,” he explained.

Fox 61’s Lorenzo Hall estimated roughly 1,400 people attended Trump’s rally.