Dirty Muslims PISSED When They Landed In New York To A NASTY Surprise They Didn’t See Coming

It’s only been a few hours since President Trump has signed in a slew of executive orders to overhaul Barack Obama’s destructive refugee program. The shock and awe of the changes haven’t set in, considering that after eight years of lame duck style leadership some people to seem to understand assertiveness, especially Muslims who are used to getting their way and not being told what to do. Two Middle Eastern men just learned the hard way that Trump isn’t messing around and they should have taken him seriously.

The ink probably isn’t even dry on the immigration order yet but that doesn’t mean it’s not in full effect as Trump made good on another campaign promise. It’s wreaking havoc among Muslim refugees already in the U.S. whose benefits are being cut off and some are being deported, while others trying to come into the country are being turned away. Two Muslim men who were en route when Trump’s executive order pen hit the paper got some bad news when they touched down at New York’s JFK airport and thought they had found freedom.

 Two men coming in from Iraq, one of which was reuniting with his wife and child already in the U.S. and the other who had been working in the Middle East as was returning “home” to America, were detained the second they stepped off their airplane in New York City. By the time they had landed, Trump’s 3-month refugee ban was in effect and all hell broke out among these men whose plans had come to a screeching halt.

 They are still in custody and have obtained legal representation to fight their way back into the free world, but for now, looks like they’ll be heading back to Iraq soon. They made it further than a group of seven Muslims refugees today — six from Iraq and one from Yemen — who were excited for their handouts before being stopped from boarding a JFK-bound aircraft in Cairo, Egypt.

These actions all mark the first incidents of the reality of the refugee program under Trump, that’s been a long time coming. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) isn’t happy about it as they have said they will sue our president over putting these two Muslim men in this position at JFK. Seems like a huge waste of time for this Islamic advocate group that will get them nowhere, so they ought to just accept that Obama is out and America is going to be America again without all these refugees.

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