Crazy Lib Ashley Judd Says Muslim Women Have More Rights Than Americans, She Just Got Destroyed

Ashley Judd rose to fame as part of the Judd clan together with Naomi and Wynonna, but she has clearly lost her way and forgotten her roots.

Ashley became an A-list movie star and clearly succumbed to the Hollywood celebrity liberal way of thinking. For the past few years, she has been making liberal statements so extreme that Wynonna had to go on record and denounce them. Ashley recently passed the point of no return by saying why she thinks Muslim women have more rights than Americans.

Judd recently retweeted an article about a Democrat talking crazily about the lack of women’s rights in the United States. Wrote Judd in her tweet, “The U.S. ranks 104th behind countries like Burundi, Serbia and Iraq.”

People were rightfully outraged by the fact that Ashley claimed that Muslim women in places like Iraq somehow have more rights than women in America. Stated one Twitter user, “She is totally nuts. Women in other countries are treated badly. Where has she been?? Let’s see how she is treated there. Don’t think she will like the outcome. She needs to shut up & if America makes her unhappy, she can start packing. I am insulted by this idiot. Used to like her movies. No more. She is now a has been.”

Added another, “What is WRONG with your THINKING Ashley Judd? These Women in Muslim Countries can be STONED to death on hear say, by a husband or a brother. They can NOT go out into the street alone, drive, or have many of the Freedoms that YOU and I take for granted. EDUCATE yourself. I worked for 10 years with a Muslim Doctor who told me they executed his brother-in-law, also a Doctor for he had a different political belief, all done in one day! Picked him up, dead the next day! Young girls of 10 are forced into marriage.” Do you think Ashley has lost her mind?
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