CONFIRMED REPORT: Obama Has A Military Force Of His Very Own (PICTURES)

Barack Obama’s Deep State Shadow Government has adopted a military stance as well as an official declaration of their loyalties. With the American flag in the infamous Obama emblem turned to fire and the words “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM” proudly painted as their battle cry, the Obama army has reached nearly 25,000 by official reports with rumors of tens of thousands more, possibly offshore, and the possibility of an entire army regiment if President Trump doesn’t fire General John Hammond.

 They train on small bases throughout the country and on uninhabited barrier islands like the hundreds off the coast of Maine and so many other states. The official tally of personnel doesn’t include the firepower, either. Obama, being a former president, is a federal firearm licensed fully automatic and military grade holder and reseller, meaning his army is equipped as well as any in the world its size. Skip Tetheluda, who has been following the story closely, told LLOD:

“The three installations I’ve seen are impressive. As a licensed holder, all of the weaponry Obama has bought is well-documented and perfectly legal. He’s organized as a non-profit political organization. He pays no taxes and received more than $60 million in grants to train people in ‘survival.’ What they amount to are mercenaries for the new World Order — the meaning of novus ordo seclorum — who are very well-prepared.

The Obama military has 14 fighter jets, 6 cargo planes, 2 bombers, 2 submarines 8 frigates, one battleship and a helicopter carrier. He also has 180 Humvees, 28 armored vehicles, 120 assault vehicles and 26 tanks. There are too many guns, grenades, land mines and C-4 to possibly count it all.

As of right now everyone is just shrugging. They aren’t doing anything illegal, but…who really knows?”

These are three sites Skip visited. The airstrip is in West Virginia, the parking lot full of Humvees and armored vehicles in just outside Olathe, Kansas and the Naval Base is a movable, floating fortress currently on the far side of Cuba playing nice with Barack’s pal Raul.

The Obama Deep State Army is ready, motivated and lying in wait…but for what? We’ll certainly update you when we know more.