CNN Reporter Screams At Navy SEAL That CNN Reporters Are ‘Stellar’ He Hits Her Back Hard

CNN anchor Kate Bolduan got in a screaming match with former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie. He completely put her in her place. CNN anchors were discussing their theories on President Trump allegedly sharing classified information with Russia. The fight started when Bolduan asked Higbie if Trump scared him as someone in the military.

““I’ve been sitting here quietly listening to all this B.S. quite frankly. Did you listen to anything McMaster said today? Where he said, ‘I was in the room, that didn’t happen?’” said Higbie referencing the White House National Security Adviser. Higbie went onto challenge the so-called anonymous sources who are saying these things about the President.

“You’re basing all of these allegations off of one or maybe two sources.Two former officials? Come out, name those people, then we’ll have something to talk about,” he said. The CNN reporters didn’t like this but her kept going. “[W]ho are the sources? Oh, because they’re hiding behind this anonymity,” he said.

““Oh, please! Please! Do not even start with me, that you’re just going to attack sources. That is ridiculous!” Bolduan screamed. It should be very concerning when a reporter doesn’t care about the sources. “I’m not saying McMaster is lying. He didn’t answer the question. You cannot attack — do not attack — the stellar reporters of CNN, who have their sources and would protect their sources,” said Bolduan. WOW.

“OK, the stellar reporters of CNN that I am going to attack right now and say: ‘Guess what? I don’t believe them because they are staying anonymous. If they stand behind the story, come out, face the camera,” responded Higbie. Check out the video below.