CBS News Drops BOMBSHELL On Hillary…Is This Race Over?!?

This may prove to be nothing…but I don’t think so.

As Hillary’s numbers continue to crater and the pressure increases for further criminal charges relating to a dozen different scandals involving the Clinton Crime Family, as well as the Wikileaks Sword of Damocles swinging precariously above her head, she may have already decided to throw in the towel!

A Tweet from a well-connected CBS reporter covering Clinton is fueling speculation!

Is this race already over? We’ll let you decide…

Twitter users have captured what they say was a pretty interesting post from a CBS reporter that claims Hillary Clinton’s staffers were resigning and that she might drop out of the race.

he alleged tweet was sent out Friday afternoon by CBS producer Hannah Chanpong


Several reporters and others have asked Chanpong repeatedly about her deleted tweet in the last 36 hours, but she has not responded.

Chapong isn’t just random nobody either…

Chanpong is the real deal. She graduated from Northwestern in 2011 with a Journalism degree and quickly moved up the career ladder from a desk associate at CBS to an associate producer covering Clinton.

One of the problems in journalism today is that they take a lack of a denial as a confirmation. Since Chanpong hasn’t denied sending this tweet (that she allegedly subsequently deleted), many are taking it as confirmation that she sent it and that it’s valid.

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