BREAKING: Vince Foster’s Body Vanishes From Morgue

Vince Foster is back in the news today after it was discovered that his body, which was exhumed to be autopsied at the request of Congressman Trey Gowdy, had disappeared from the morgue. The autopsy, which concluded yesterday, had already determined that the cause of Foster’s death should be ruled a homicide.

The problem is, without the body to be used for further forensic analysis, it will be nearly impossible to connect the dots back to Clinton. The bullets, which were scheduled for extraction today, won’t be able to be matched to registered firearms of Clinton “security” teams as Gowdy had hoped and the ballistics experts won’t be able to determine things like if the shooter was right or left handed or his or her height.

It’s a crushing blow to the investigation. Once again, Clinton will walk away from a scandal scot-free.

Local police, the FBI and NCIS are all opening their own investigations into the disappearance of foster’s body, but so far there are no leads. Surveillance footage conveniently cut out at the naval Hospital in Norfolk for nearly three hours this morning and a stolen ambulance seen in the area was found destroyed by fire a few miles away.

Somebody obviously covered their tracks well.