BREAKING: Two Top Republicans Caught Red Handed Giving Info On President Trump To The Democrats

Two high-ranking Republicans will be losing their jobs in 2018 when the truth of their actions of the last two days goes public. Senators John McCain of Arizona and Rand Paul of Kentucky were just caught red-handed leaving House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office after an after-hours meeting that is nothing short of treasonous.

 It’s a good thing President Trump isn’t a naive, trusting blockhead like most politicians. According to the White House Information and Propaganda Office, Trump spends nearly $4 million per month staffing all corridors of the Capitol, making sure he has eyes and ears everywhere. “It’s a pleasure to run surveillance for our president,” said a deep-cover aide who could only be described as a young man wearing a janitor’s outfit with very sophisticated listening equipment, “we’re all over the building. Nothing goes on here without Mr. trump hearing about it.”

On the official schedule, the meeting was supposedly a cordial meet and greet across the aisle and between the chambers. According to one covert aide, however, that wasn’t the case:

“We definitely found the leak. These two senators were there to give the Democrats information that ties the President and members of his senior staff to connections in Russia. To hand that kind of information off to the enemy is nothing short of treason.”

Because the recordings of the conversation weren’t legally obtained and are therefore inadmissible in court, McCain and Paul won’t face the wrath of anyone but the voters they’ve betrayed. As for Mr. Trump, well…let’s just say it’s never a good idea to be on his bad side. Time will tell what penalty awaits these two traitors.

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