BREAKING: Trump’s First Veto Has Democrats Crying Like Babies

Democrats think they’re so smart. Knowing they would never get a bill past their Republican counterparts during regular business hours, they got together in the middle of the night to exercise a little-known loophole in our lawmaking process known as “midnight snacking.” It is essentially a law or amendment to a law passed without the chambers being in session.

It’s very rarely used because of the restrictions in place. For example, a midnight snack law cannot have a budgetary consideration of more than 1/10th of 1 percent of the federal budget, meaning the cost of the law can’t exceed $2.2 million. In today’s day and age, a law that costs that little is more at the city level, not the federal level.

Democrats still insisted on using the ploy more as a publicity stunt than anything else to prove they could slip something past not only the Republican congress but by President Trump as well. According to senate rule 39785, the President only has 3 hours from when a midnight snack bill is passed to veto it or it becomes law. Democrats passed the bill at 1 AM and sent it to the White House.

Unfortunately for them, President Trump was having a sleepless night and was wide awake and ready when the bill hit the Resolute Desk. His body man, Jimbo Willis, said the president laughed when he saw the bill, pulled out his red veto pen and signed it in YUGE letters across the middle and sent it back. “He didn’t even read it,” said Willis, “He said, ‘I make the laws in this country, not Democrats’ and shot it down without a second thought.”

The bill, which was some $2 million socialist free food giveaway gimmick for the homeless in and around the National Mall, was immediately trashed by Paul Ryan when congress gaveled in at 8 AM.
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