BREAKING: Trump Wins Florida In Unprecedented Landslide!!!


The process a newsroom uses to call a state for one candidate or another is a mixture of exit polling from known central points that give experts an insight into how particular areas are voting combined with actual precinct results, which don’t typically start coming in until polls close. States like California and Massachusetts, known libtard lairs, are usually the first to be called while red states like Alabama and Louisiana follow shortly thereafter.

Never in the history of exit polling has a battleground state been so overwhelmed by votes for one candidate that it was able to be called before 10PM. In fact, calling ANY battleground state before 50 percent of precincts report is unheard of. That’s why the news from CNN’s own election center came as such a surprise: The exit polls in battleground Florida are so heavily in favor of Trump that a Clinton comeback is likely impossible.

While the network won’t be able to officially air those results before the polls close in Florida because of the network election ethics contract, an intern working for CNN sent out a Snapchat post of a screengrab of Wolf Blitzer doing a pre-recorded segment on the unprecedented victory:

With Florida secured, the path to 270 is wide open for Trump, who appears to have been right all along about how rigged the polls have been. Florida, long considered a swing state by every poll imaginable, wasn’t even close. At this rate you can start booking your hotel rooms in Washington DC to see the inauguration of President Donald J Trump.
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