BREAKING: Trump Is STUNNED! Justice Clarence Thomas Just Came Up With POWERFUL Inauguration Statement!

The funny thing about Democrats is that automatically count all African-Americans as liberals who support Hillary and her left-winged visions of politics. Liberals totally forget that the black community can think for itself and develop critics and feelings based on their daily observations, not their fake Democratic crap.

A classic example of an African-American wise man who liberals routinely pretend don’t exist is distinguished conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Liberals in Obama’s government recently got Thomas and his political allies extremely mad by failing to include him in the government-funded Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History in Culture in Washington, D.C. In a surprise move, Thomas will be sending these nasty liberals an epic message.

According to reports, Vice President Mike Pence will be writing a new chapter in history when he is sworn in during the inauguration. Clarence Thomas has decided to swear in Pence and thus will be the very first African-American Supreme Court justice to administer the oath of office to a vice president or president.

Corrupted Liberals are still mocking Trump with their completely nonsense statements like “not a legitimate President.”

These ill tactics are not new to the experienced Supreme Court Justice who had felt their wrath on his skin when he barely came out clean from a sex scandal they linked to him.

Thomas has trashed Obama’s use of the courts to advance his agenda, saying, “With such unchecked judicial power, the court day-by-day, case-by-case, is busy designing the Constitution — as Justice [Antonin] Scalia once quipped — instead of interpreting it.” Thomas clearly found a kindred spirit in Pence, who has said, “The modern presidency has drifted far from the great strength and illumination of its source: the Constitution.”

Here are his words back in 2008 after Obama’s administration harassment.

He Literally SLAYED THEM!!!

Way to go Clarence Thomas for standing your ground and writing a new chapter in history! Together with Trump and Pence!

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