BREAKING: Trump Makes STUNNING Campaign Announcement, It’s Official [Details]

The establishment is trying to force Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump out of the race.

They’ve always been scared of him, because he speaks for regular people and is a threat to their power.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Donald Trump has made it very clear that he is not going to cave to the establishment’s bullying. In one very direct Tweet, Trump declared that he will stay in the race.

Wrote Trump, “The media and establishment want me out of the race so badly – I WILL NEVER DROP OUT OF THE RACE, WILL NEVER LET MY SUPPORTERS DOWN! “. High profile Trump supporter spoke with Dr. Ben Carson, and stated the following: “@RealBenCarson told me he spoke to @realDonaldTrump this am: ‘He’s not going anywhere. He told me he is staying in.’” Henry added, “@RealBenCarson told me he & @realDonaldTrump talked about more revelations coming: ‘They have have more things & they will drip them out’” Are you happy that Trump is staying in to speak for us?

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