BREAKING: Trump Just Made Sure Hillary Clinton WILL Go To Jail

President Donald Trump, in his greatest move ever as our supreme leader, has ensured that Hillary Clinton will pay for her crimes against America and humanity. By signing executive order 143hrc50839, our president has removed any chance Clinton has of continuing to lie to congress or the courts. The EO reads:

Wherein a defendant has been deemed guilty in the court of public opinion and convicted by polls of greater than thirty percent of their peers, the right to due process will be suspended and the defendant treated as an enemy combatant to the United States, subject to be held indefinitely without legal council or trial in a military base outside of sovereign US soil.

Under these guidelines, Clinton was found guilty by her peers ten times over, since more than 80 percent of America believes she supplied the terrorists in Benghazi with the weapons to kill four of our own. Just in case that’s not enough, the EO has a second clause that gives her no way out one way or the other:

Wherein the President of the United States has seen enough evidence to deem a defendant guilty without the presence of public polling, he shall have the right, by power of his office, to strip defendants of citizenship and send them to detention under the same conditions as above.

Clinton’s pals and the stooges from Hollywood and anyone else who has a beef with trump had better pay attention. This is no joke. You can stick your habeus corpus straight up your ass and spend the rest of your life in Guantanamo or you can get with the program and back your president.

Trump’s second in charge, Steve Bannon, has assured us that this power would only apply to high-priority political opponents and not average citizens unless circumstances change. The Trump administration certainly refuse to back down! It’s a beautiful thing.