BREAKING: Trump Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL On Washington! D.C Is SHOCKED!!!

For starters, Donald Trump publicly announced that he will cut down in size our dysfunctional government.

One of his biggest parts of his campaign involves the cutting back on the excessively big government and this includes federal spending and various welfare programs that have only served to cripple the entire country.

However, the BIGGEST action of them all is ‘draining the swamp’ which means lowering the number of the useless government employees who earn gigantic salaries for doing next to nothing. And maybe they’ll be some of the first to hit the pavement after Trump steps into the Oval Office.

Don’t forget that Trump has already discarded all of President Obama’s staff, as well as the ambassadors, so he’s arming up for a whole new team (thankfully).

Now, according to a breaking news report from the Washington Examiner, it seems he has already started down the right path: He has asked his incoming team to chase spending and staffing cuts, and these are going to be significant cuts, too:

Insiders said that the spending reductions in some departments could go as high as 10 percent and staff cuts to 20 percent, numbers that would rock Washington if he follows through.

At least two so-called “landing teams” in Cabinet agencies have relayed the call for cuts as part of their marching orders to shrink the flab in government.

The cuts would target discretionary spending, not mandated programs such as Medicare or Social Security, the sources said.

These reductions are expected to help pay for Trump’s plan to boost the Pentagon’s budget, and it may also be used to help fund the controversial border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, which is already in the works according to the latest reports.

The team will also be looking at staffing cuts over four years, which is more good news and conservatives everywhere are LOVING it. As of right now, federal spending is officially out of control (thanks, Obama), so something absolutely must be done.

Of course, Trump is definitely going to face opposition from Democrats and federal unions but hey, obstacles haven’t stopped the incoming president before.

Many liberal pawns have been opposing Trump, but it seems that they will be looking for another job sooner than they’ve expected.

And taxpayers, of course, are sick and tired of paying for useless government flunkies!

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