BREAKING: Students Confess To “Hacking” Election In State Hillary Narrowly Won

In the Democrat media, “hacking” is synonymous with “shadowy Russian agents who only target good liberals, like Hillary Clinton.” The truth is that many hackers are pro-Democrat criminals.

Recently, Andrew Spieles, a student at Virginia’s James Madison University, admitted to submitting a grand total of eighteen fake voter registration forms. Spieles has been associated with Harrisonburg VOTES, a Democrat organization. Hillary Clinton won Virginia by 49.8-percent, via Polizette.

Spieles was caught after the assistant registrar in Harrisonburg, Virginia recognized one of the fraudulent voter registration forms.

Apparently, one of the names on the fake forms belonged to a dead Rockingham County judge.

So far, Spieles has confessed to knowingly perpetrating voter fraud. He will face the music on June 20th, via WHSV.

While Spieles’ case sheds light on the fact that voter fraud is much easier to commit than most think, it also highlights Virginia’s problem with Democrat machinations.

A study of voter rolls in the Old Dominion State found that 5,556 “non-citizens” were registered to vote in 133 jurisdictions. Between 2011 and 2017, 1,852 of these “non-citizens” actually cast ballots, via Washington Free Beacon.

Unsurprisingly, Virginia has increasingly become a Democrat stronghold.

This move from red to blue is based on the growth of the Washington, D.C., suburbs, which are home to an ethnically diverse population of white-collar progressives.

Also, it should be noted that Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton crony, gave voting rights to over 13,000 felons. A majority of these felons are either black, or Hispanic, and are likely to be strong supporters of the Democrats, via New York Times.

From outright voter fraud to political moves designed to increase the number of Democrats in America, the Left in this country is consumed with hacking and slashing at all civil bulwarks against corruption.

When Donald Trump mentioned the explosion of illegal votes cast during the 2016 election, the media mostly laughed at him.

Now, some in the mainstream media are suggesting that it’s probable millions of illegal aliens did cast ballots last year, via Investors Business Daily.

It’s high time that President Trump establishes a task force to investigate, disrupt, and dismantle illegal immigration, and the voter fraud that results from it.

We should also clamp down on all attempts to give convicts the right to vote. Criminals lost their right to vote the moment they broke one of our laws.