BREAKING: Secret Service Abandons Michelle Obama After She Made A Troop Of Girl Scouts Cry!

Michelle Obama was on her way to a speaking engagement when she came across a troop of Girl Scouts selling cookies at the entrance to their local mall. The girls, excited to see the former First Lady, smiled and waved and asked her to buy some of their cookies. Rather than shell out four bucks for a box of cookies, she laid into them instead.

The girls all began crying as they got a stern lecture on the perils of eating too much sugar. Rather than comfort them, she told them it was time to grow up and learn to be “strong.” These poor girls, no more than 8-years-old, went out to make 75 cents from every four dollar box of cookies they sold so they could fund their field trips and camping trips and troop meetings. Instead they had their hearts broken by a monster.

The six Secret Service agents who were accompanying her decided that something had to be done, so they called for the car and demanded she get in and cancel her speech. They then walked over to the girls and purchased all of their cookies just before they walked off the job, possibly risking their careers.

Sometimes there are more important things. Those girls learned that no matter what a person might achieve, they’re still who they are inside. Source: