BREAKING: Sarah Palin Just Beat The SNOT Out Of This Libtard Celebrity For Disturbing Her Breakfast

This may be the greatest thing EVER! According to sources who were on the scene and a waitress from a small breakfast joint just outside of Forks, Washington, Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was trying to enjoy her biscuits and sausage gravy when she was disturbed by a shout from behind her. When she turned around, she found herself face to face with Kristen Stewart.

Stewart, who was in the area to sign autographs for fans of the Twilight series, decided she would harass Governor Palin for no reason other than she’s a conservative icon who supports Donald Trump. The actress, who recently decided she’s gay, was yelling profanities at Mrs. Palin that their waitress wouldn’t even repeat before Sarah stood up, took 4 or 5 steps towards the young troublemaker and put her down with one punch the second she showed a sign of aggression.

Maureen Linkwater, the waitress for both women, told Breitbart:

“Palin had a look of calm about her the whole time. She was strutting over to ask the youngster to quiet down so she could enjoy her breakfast when the little gay girl got up and moved towards her. Big mistake. She got what she deserved.”

The local sheriff’s office was called but since Stewart ran out of the diner crying and there was no further disturbance, they chose not to file a report or make an issue out of it. Deputy Terry McAbee told ABC10:

“This here is Republican country. Idf you’re some liberal gay person who comes here and gets their nose busted for being too loud that’s your problem. Donald Trump is president now. We have the government on our side.”

Stewart wasn’t available for comment and Palin, who denies the confrontation was physical for legal reasons, said she doesn’t feel the need to make the little lesbian more famous by associating her with someone so famous for the right reasons.
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