BREAKING: Protesters beat homeless veteran to death in Philadelphia!

Protests against President-elect Donald Trump turned violent in a Philadelphia neighborhood Friday night, and they left one homeless veteran fighting for his life on a night when the nation was celebrating his service.  And it was all captured on surveillance video.

Mark Rolfe, 51, passed away early Saturday morning from injuries sustained when he was attacked by a group of protesters outside of a Sunoco gas station in the Olney neighborhood of North Philadelphia.  Rolfe was a veteran of the United States Army, serving one tour in the first Gulf War and one tour in Afghanistan.

According to eyewitness reports, Rolfe was attacked by a group of young adults who were out protesting the election of Donald Trump.  The group of protesters, who have not been identified, were attempting to set fire to an American flag when Rolfe yelled at them to stop.  The protesters responded by attacking the homeless veteran with a hammer, a piece of wood, and a table leg.

Rolfe was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead Saturday morning.

Protests are scheduled to take place for a fourth night across the nation on Saturday, but Friday’s attack certainly paints them in a different light.

Veterans groups across the country are calling for protest organizers to denounce this attack.

Surveillance video captured the attack:

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