BREAKING: Philadelphia Recount Finished…STUNNED Democrats are CRYING!

The presidential election has been over for a month, but you’d barely know it, thanks to Jill Stein and her ridiculous recount campaign.

It’s almost as if she and Hillary Clinton colluded in a ridiculous stunt to keep the failed Democratic candidate’s name in the news, to somehow undermine Trump’s triumph.

And after all the millions of dollars spent and countless man-hours expended, what has Stein accomplished. Charles Campbell sums it up at Western journalism:

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is in for some bad news regarding the electoral recount in Philadelphia — it has earned Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton only five more votes than her original total.


Stein has also run into trouble with Michigan’s statewide recount after a Republican-controlled House Elections Committee approved a bill which requires candidates who lost by more than 5 percentage points to pay 100 percent of the estimated recount cost.

Stein claims she’s trying to expose how vulnerable the American “election regime” is to fraud, which is certainly a laudable goal.

But at least, in this case, all she’s managed to prove is how easy it is to spend (and lose) money for nothing once lawyers get involved. Stein has also raised issues about her own credibility, as even some supporters now question whether or not all the money she raised for the recount went to a worthy cause.

If she runs for public office again, the one thing people will remember about Jill Stein was that she looked like a sore loser desperate for the public spotlight.

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