BREAKING: Obama Kicked Out Of His Favorite Golf Course In the Most Humiliating Way Possible

Barack Obama was turned away from his favorite golf course this morning in the most humiliating way imaginable. The club, the exclusive St James Golf Resort in Lafayette, South Carolina, was supposed to host Obama and seven others in his group when they got the news from their member services division: Obama hadn’t paid his dues in 8 years.

It seems that while he was president, Obama signed a promise to use the course for no less than four public functions per year, bringing the club publicity and new memberships galore. Obama, as always, lied to them and used the club for private play only, tossing his position as president in their faces when they complained.

His argument was that even as a private player, he would bring in new members looking to play on the same course as the commander in chief. As it turns out, all he managed to do was close down the course every time he showed up on Air Force One for no reason other than to play 18 holes.

After discussing the matter with the management, the desk clerk at the pro shop not only informed Obama that he couldn’t play, he called the police and had a no trespass warrant issued, barring him from ever playing there again. The entire staff and a few dozen guests then got to witness Obama throw a little fit like a toddler before he stormed away angrily, vowing to get revenge.
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