BREAKING: Obama Caught On Open Mic Being A Racist After MLK Day Address

President Obama’s address to a crowd in Washington DC this morning was pretty inspirational. You could tell that his speechwriters worked hard putting these words on the teleprompter for him to recite as though he believed it:

“Celebrate Martin Luther King Day and all of the many wonderful things that he stood for. Honor him for being the great man that he was.”

His “tribute couldn’t possibly have been more canned or heartless. After the address, while the crowd was less than eagerly clapping, Obama shook hands with a man we’ve become all -too familiar with, Reverend Al Sharpton, not realizing his mic was still live. The sound man cut out the last few words when he figured out what was going on, but before that, a large number of people in the crowd heard Obama say to Sharpton:

“These crackers got no idea what it’s like to feel the struggle. Speakin’ of, how you gonna keep all your n*ggas in line while whitey Trump rules the roost?”
Several people booed Obama, who turned with a laugh to make it look like it was all just a big joke. America isn’t buying it. Since the incident, Obama’s approval rating has dropped to just above 1 percent with white, Christian males aged 18-24 from below the Mason-Dixon line, proving that the “racism” he thinks he’s a victim of is actually just a cultural thing. Southern white boys don’t like black fellas. That’s not racism, it’s just a fact.

Donald Trump was asked about the incident. He said:

That’s why he’ll never win over my African Americans. More of them voted for me than voted for Lioncoln, did you know that? And, Lincoln was a Republican. This guy doesn’t understand what real racism is until he sees the thugs in the black communities hanging out in the streets just waiting to commit crimes. “
It’s no wonder Trump didn’t want to rent to them in the 1980s. Times were different back then. Nowadays you need to come up with excuses that can get past the courts to refuse to rent to them. It’s OK. Trump will make America great again and landlords will get their houses back.