BREAKING NEWS: Trump FURIOUS Over Vince Foster Case–Fires Director On The Spot

When word got to President Trump that FBI Director James Comey dropped the ball on what should be a slam-dunk against the Clinton regime, he had all he could take. He marched personally into the Hoover building, demanded a meeting with Comey and asked to be shown to the forensic evidence department.

When they got there, according to a source inside the White House, Trump wanted answers on how the agency’s top-rated forensics team could have possibly not performed the tests necessary to complete a study on Vince Foster’s exhumed body. The bullets, which could possibly have been tied to the Clintons, were never recovered before the body was stolen from the Naval Hospital at Norfolk.

Investigators now believe that the body was inside the ambulance found on fire in a parking lot just a few miles away but that it is now completely useless as evidence. President Trump was so livid that he fired the FBI Director of Forensic Evidence on the spot and issued a final warning to Comey:

“Either put Crooked Hillary away for good or you’ll be the one looking for a new job.”

The fired director, Edward Wheaton, apologized to his colleagues and the American people in a statement.
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