BREAKING: New Evidence Arises In Justice Scalia’s Death

The sudden and unexpected loss of the great Antonin Scalia was a blow to the American justice system that will be felt for years to come. A relatively young man, Justice Scalia was thought to be a conservative staple who would hold his seat for at least another decade. That dream came to an abrupt end when he was discovered dead of natural causes during a hunting retreat.

New evidence is coming to light that may change everything we know about how this great man died. The original autopsy found nothing strange in Justice Scalia’s blood, but a recent report from an independent lab that tests fluids that aren’t normally part of the typical autopsy process has concluded that a chemical found in foxglove, a deadly plant known to cause heart failure when ingested, was found in the spinal fluid and ocular fluid, or fluid of the eye.

The new revelation opened the way for a new round of investigation that should have happened to begin with. During the preliminary gathering of evidence, the hunting resort Scalia was found dead at was found to be free from unidentified people with the exception of one man, who passed through a gate and wasn’t seen again. He was wearing sunglasses and a camo hat and outfit, obviously disguised as a hunter. Authorities have never found or identified him.

According to an anonymous source inside the Department of Justice, the investigation was ordered to be carried out by Homeland Security and not the FBI, due to their obviously compromised director, and that facial recognition has identified the man. Investigators are looking for clues or links to his whereabouts, but as of now his legal identity appears to be fake, meaning he’s a ghost; an assassin for some nefarious organization with a lot of money and resources.

Is it a globalist group looking to make SCOTUS a more liberal entity? The idea of Obama and his shadow government, which has been in place now since 2104 when congress was taken by the Republicans, having some involvement is also being tossed around.

One thing seems certain above all else: Justice Scalia didn’t have a heart attack and die. He was murdered.
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