BREAKING: Murdered Reporter Had ‘If Anything Happens To Me’ Letter Containing Proof…

When Washinton Examiner reporter L. Marcus Hubidore was gunned down in cold blood last week on the sidewalk in front of his home, police struggled to find a motive. Hubidore, who wrote mostly political satire making fun of aging liberals and their intolerance, had few friends but even fewer enemies. His death was ruled an act of random violence.

That all changed today when a letter arrived at the Examiner from an anonymous source, addressed to the editor with Hubidore as the sender. It wasn’t delivered by a mail or package service. It just…showed up. The publication’s editor, Scott Whaquelman, released a statement just minutes before the writing of this article, stating that the package was indeed from Hubidore and that it was to be sent to the Examiner “In the event anything happened to him”:

 L. Marcus Hubidore had apparently been accepting bribes for his silence in the form of block grants for philanthropy. He had an account set up in the Caymen Islands that had $250K per year deposited into it. The account was issued to a fake charity that supposedly sent food and clothing to hungry children across the globe. The letter we received today came with damning evidence that was turned over to the police of the crime Marcus had uncovered.

All we can say at this time is that the crime was murder, the criminal was Hillary Clinton and the company making the donations was the Clinton foundation. The letter came with a flash drive and video file that was very difficult to watch, in which Marcus cautioned that the arrangement he had come to some 23 years ago had come to an end because he couldn’t keep the secret any longer.

Marcus was a good man who knew what he did was wrong. He was going to make it right last week when he was gunned down and killed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his survivng relatives and his cat, Leroy, who he loved very much. He was otherwise a private man who enjoyed quiet nights alone writing in his office and lunches at the hot dog cart outside of our building. Rest in peace, buddy…we’ll miss you.
The evidence was turned over to the police department in Fairfax, Virginia, who forwarded it to the FBI for processing.

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