Breaking: Melania Just KILLED The Media! What She Just Did Put Them In BIG TOUBLE…

Melania Trump has been in a constant pressure of the mainstream media, especially from some individuals like Rosie O’Donell. Namely, Rosie publicly accused Donald’s 10 year old son Barron Trump of being autistic.

The worst part is that this is nothing compared with some other disturbing stories of how she came here in America illegally, or how she was an escort in the past. Just sick!

So, eventually Melania cracked and made a move that showed the media that this kind of treatment is over!

Melania is suing a blogger named Webster Griffin Tarpley and the British publication the Daily Mail over the escort fake news story, although she was not required to attend a procedural court conference that is part of her lawsuit.

However, Melania decided that she would in fact attend the session, if only to make a clear statement. Said Melania’s attorney Charles J. Harder, “Mrs. Trump was not required to attend the court conference but chose to do so to meet the judge, meet opposing counsel and show her commitment to the case.”

Melania’s move is having a clear impact on members of the media. Commented Rebecca Shabad of CBS, “It is almost impossible to win a defamation suit if you’re first lady, but Trump’s willingness to spend her time and money on the case may have a deterrent effect, preventing others from saying negative things about her.” Stated Jenni Fink of Independent Journal Review, “While she can’t stop people from making fun of her, her decision to appear in court sent them a clear message — either stop spreading lies about me or face the consequences.”

What do you think of Melania’s actions?

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