BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Just Begged For Her Job back At Fox News–It Didn’t Go Well

Megyn Kelly left a $20 million contract at Fox News for greener pastures at NBC. Before she even started, she made unreasonable demands that landed her without a job at all. Now, without a job or a career, she decided to go the route of desperation.

 After telling lies about being sexually harassed by Roger Ailes and spending a good portion of her last few months attacking Donald Trump, Kelly found herself in Rupert Murdoch’s office this morning begging for her old job back. An intern at Fox News working in Murdoch’s office leaked the news to Breitbart because she found it so funny:

“I couldn’t stop chuckling,” said the intern, speaking on condition of anonymity, “after all of the horrible things she said about Mr. Ailes and President trump she thoought she was important enough to get her job back. Mr. Murdoch actually laughed at her, told her she was yesterday’s news and sent her on her way. You could hear her sobbing as the elevator door closed.”

Looks like Megyn will have to get a job somewhere else. Maybe the local news where she lives needs a weather girl.

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