BREAKING: Laptop With Hillary Email Archives Goes Missing… Look Who Had It Last

A personnal laptop computer being used to archive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emailsduring the time she was secretary of state reportedly went missing shortly after having been put in the mail.

According to FBI officials, emails that Clinton sent and received through her private server during her tenure were archived on the laptop back in 2013. The person in charge of that archival process was an unnamed assistant to Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Details about the missing laptop became available Friday when the FBI released notes and a summary of its investigation in Clinton’s use of a private email server, Newsmax reported.

While the reports from the investigation were heavily redacted, the information that was released showed that an unnamed person reportedly told the agency that he had deleted the emails from the laptop but didn’t wipe its hard drive.

Normally a computer technician would be called in to recover emails that have been deleted but not permanently erased , but you obviously need the laptop in your possession to perform such a recovery.

The FBI reported that it had sought the missing laptop during the investigation, but its whereabouts remained unknown.

The last time anyone saw the laptop was when it was placed in the mail.

Something smells fishy, as so many things related to Hillary Clinton and her handling of classified information and “personal” email seem to.

This is just more evidence that the former secretary of state had a lot to hide and will do whatever it takes to make sure that her secrets stay hidden from the American people — especially between now and November.

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