BREAKING: Katy Perry Screws Up And Threatens Trump On Open Mic, Escorted From Grammys In Cuffs

Katy Perry was doing her typical liberal propagandist thing at the Grammy’s Sunday night when she made a huge mistake. After she walked off stage, still with her mic hot to the sound room and the Trump officials overseeing the show to make sure there were no lies or shenanigans, she told her friend Justin Timberlake about a sick fantasy she’s been having:

“I just want to string him up by his scrawny little nutsack and make him admit he has small hands right before I paint him a different color than orange and leave him to die.”

The statement, which was recorded by the sound booth and immediately impounded by a team that reports directly to Steve Bannon, will be used against Perry in court should they decide to charge her with treason as they should. Other than to confirm that Perry is in custody, nobody from the national security team is saying much else.

Perry was escorted away from the event in a plain, unmarked black cargo van.
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