BREAKING: Justice Department Files Formal Charges Against The Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation and its board of directors, which includes Chelsea and Bill Clinton, have been formally charged by the Justice Department under US code title 16 subsection 216. Under federal law, the DOJ has found that the foundation has accepted money from countries with suspected ties to terrorism.

The countries involved include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates and Dubai. In more than a dozen uncovered reports, The Clinton Foundation accepted donations from those countries without obtaining the necessary form 5649, which is a disclaimer that the person or government making the donation does not engage in nor support terrorist activity.

A spokesman for the foundation told CNN that those forms were on file but after a full warrant search by the FBI they were nowhere to be found. When asked about it, FBI Director Comey said, “that’s tough luck. Maybe the Clintons shouldn’t have made such enemies of this agency.”

There’s a little bit of karma for a Monday morning. The foundation attempted to show the agency paperwork that proved that more than 90 percent of the money collected went to medicine and education for children in those very nations, but it’s not the spending that is in question. A US attorney working directly for Jeff Sessions, Janice Garbalonzo, told The Federalist Papers:

“The Clinton Foundation thinks because it spends its money on textbooks, medicine, food and clothing for children that it’s exempt from the law. The four countries in question may not have made the travel ban but they are still listed as possible suspects where enemies of the state like the Clintons are concerned. We’ll use everything at our disposal to get those crooks.”

A spokesman for the White House Office of Information and Propaganda says the investigation and subsequent consequences have nothing to do with the election or any kind of rivalry between the president and the Clintons. If found guilty, board members in the know could face up to 30 years in prison.