BREAKING: Iran STRIKES Back! Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Is Finally WORKING! [Read More]

Just a day passed after Trump’s ban on the selected Muslim countries and this one just fired back.

The Iranian Foreign Minister just called the “Muslim ban” a flagrant insult to the whole Muslim world. He also promised to retaliate on Saturday.

In a statement released in response to the ban, which temporarily prohibits citizens of seven Muslim countries from entering the U.S., the ministry warned that Trump’s move would only help terrorist groups in their recruiting efforts.

“The United States administration’s decision to impose a ban against Muslims’ travel to the US – though for a temporary three-month period – is a flagrant insult to the Muslim world, specially the great Iranian nation; and despite claims about confronting terrorism and protecting security of the American people, it will be recorded in the history as a great gift to extremists and their sponsors,” the statement said. The ban, which includes Iran, “has targeted the Iranian people and is an obvious insult to each and every member of the Iranian nation,” the ministry said.

Iran’s announcement that it would ban U.S. citizens from traveling there is the latest fallout from Trump’s order. The action stirred controversy almost immediately after it was signed, as refugees were detained upon their arrival at U.S. airports.

As we all know, Trump took a stand against Iran during his presidential campaign demolishing the 2015 agreement made by Obama’s administration that was focused in reining Iran’s nuclear central.

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