BREAKING: After Firing Megyn Kelly, NBC Hires A REAL Conservative Woman To Take Her Show

After Megyn Kelly decided to make unreasonable demands about her new show on NBC this fall and was summarily terminated for it, company executives had to find a new host for a slot they’ve already invested millions of dollars in. The trick would be to find someone with the same draw as Megyn Kelly without worrying about that person trying to pretend she’s a “journalist.”

They came up with the perfect replacement. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who nobody would ever consider a journalist but is a well-known and very attractive conservative woman, will be taking over the slot left open by Kelly. According to NBC Universal CEO Maxwell Seawald:

“Elizabeth was thrilled to take over the afternoon slot Kelly was fired from. She’s perfectly happy to be our version of Kelly Ripa and shows no interest in being taken seriously. Since her time as the cute pigtailed girl on Survivor she’s always loved being an entertainer. Her time on Fox sealed that. She was the eye candy on the couch at Fox and friends and she’ll do very nicely in the same role on ‘Elizabeth’.”

Megyn Kelly definitely won’t be missed.
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