BREAKING! Dr. Ben Carson Just Got The BEST News Of His Life And NO ONE Deserves This More!

As Democrats have been playing politics and holding up Trump’s cabinet, Dr. Ben Carson has been patiently waiting to serve this nation as our new HUD secretary.

Well, the doctor is officially in!

“The U.S. Senate has approved Dr. Ben Carson to be secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.”

The department Carson would lead has more than 8,000 employees and a budget of about $47 billion. The agency provides billions of dollars in housing assistance to low-income people through vouchers and public housing. It also enforces fair housing laws and offers mortgage insurance to poorer Americans through the Federal Housing Administration, part of HUD.

Trump has been so proud of Dr.Carson, calling him a brilliant neurosurgeon who has saved many lives.

“We’re going to do great things in our African-American communities,” Trump said, appearing together with Carson recently on a tour of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington.

“Ben is going to work with me very, very closely. And HUD has a meaning far beyond housing. If properly done, it’s a meaning that’s as big as anything there is, and Ben will be able to find that true meaning and the true meaning of HUD as its secretary,” said Trump.

This is the moment Dr. Carson has been waiting for and no one deserves it more. Since Carson announced his new career in politics, all he has ever wanted to do is serve the American people and serve the Lord.

Ben Carson can finally do the work he was meant to do and it’s about time!
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