BREAKING: Cop who Arrested Malia Obama Found Dead

Recently, former First Daughter Malia Obama was busted by police buying a “seller’s quantity” of marijuana from a Chicago drug dealer. Now, her arresting officer has been found dead.

The arrest was made by police Sgt. Marvin Smythe, a 19-year veteran of the Chicago police force, who witnessed Malia entering the residence of Samuel B. Johnson – a man released from prison by her father during his mass clemency for drug dealers.

Johnson, now known as Rahim al-Rahim ever since he converted to Islam and joined the Muslim Brotherhood in prison, quickly took over the Chicago drug game upon his release and began funneling money directly to ISIS via a shell company. He was found hanging from the ceiling of his cell shortly after he cut a deal with prosecutors to provide details of his relationship to ISIS and with the Obamas. Though no autopsy was performed, his death was ruled a suicide.

Sgt. Smythe was found dead in an alley after responding to a call about a sexual assault at a nearby residence. According to local news station KBXY, someone shot him four times in the back and once in the neck.

“Sergeant Smythe was simply the best,” Chicago police chief Marvin Bradwick told reporters. “The man was everything a hero is supposed to be and we will never be able to replace him.”

Malia Obama is currently out on bail and is due in court next month to face charges for possession with intent to distribute and a slew of other charges – but now two witnesses are dead and it’s looking like she may walk free.

Police are still searching for Smythe’s killer.