BREAKING: CNN Makes Sick Move to “Normalize” Pedophilia. Should CNN Be Taken Off-Air?

CNN is known for being one of the most sensitive left-wing cable channels on TV. We always knew the people that worked there were sick, but normalizing pedophile behavior? Insane.

It all started when CNN decided that they should bring on a pedophile, Jacob Schwartz, on a panel to discuss President Trump. First of all, why are they allowing these types of people on their news board panel? It OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T matter to the failing, biased news company. (via Daily Mail)

The sad truth is that CNN will bring anyone on their shows if they think there’s a chance the guest will support their agenda. The Left doesn’t care WHAT someone does, so long as they hate Trump, and know some cliche talking points. In order to understand how twisted this pedophile is, you have to hear about his crimes.

He is currently facing two felony charges for possessing child pornography. Disturbingly enough, the police also discovered that he had a computer with nearly 3,000 pictures, and 89 videos featuring child pornography. The EVIDENCE is sickening! Why is he walking around today?

There’s no denying that Schwartz was involved with this DISGUSTING pornographic material. He should be afraid to show his face at this point.

Instead, he was invited to speak on the Clinton News Network with open arms. On the show, Jacob and his buddies took turns bashing Trump. They think we should take our political cues from someone who thinks sex with children is okay. WRONG.

It is interesting to note that Jacob was allowed to speak freely despite his legal problems. When a conservative is allowed airtime, their mics are cut. We should NOT be living in this political environment.

You used to be able to have open debates between HONEST people about the country’s problems. Now, news networks bring on guests with no specialty, aside from being a pedophile, and have them make political commentary?

The only way we’re going to keep people like this out of our political world is if we call them out for what they are. Jacob is one of many criminals to spread their biased opinions about President Trump. It seems like the media works to get everyone into a frenzy, then lets the sheep liberals do their bidding.

The Left get people all “amped up” to protest, give them catchy phrases (“NOT MY PRESIDENT”), and let them go crazy. Their anger is not based on fact, but senseless rambling. We need to put a stop to this madness, and bring REAL discussions back to our states, neighborhoods, and our country.

The liberal media releases “fake news” reports in an attempt to trick people into believing information that suits their agenda. Up until this point, NO ONE has been able to confirm a connection between Trump and Russia, yet CNN runs a hundred stories a week.

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