BREAKING: CNN busted! Using Own cameraman as a Pro-Clinton Protester!!!

1On Wednesday night, CNN was broadcast live from Chicago—and it captured a man going on a tirade in support of Hillary Clinton following Election Day.

“More human beings voted for Hillary. This isn’t fair,” the man said. “Just count the votes … Hillary, you’re a lawyer. Walk in, go to the Supreme Court. I believe in you Hillary. I’ve been to Rwanda … hospital in Rwanda. … Women need you, minorities need you, I need you.”

At the end of the segment, CNN anchor Don Lemon then noted that the man who was speaking was a former cameraman—but it’s unclear if the man had worked for CNN or another news agency. Lemon started working for CNN in 2006.

“I used to live there and I know that guy,” Lemon said, adding that his name is John. “He actually went to Africa with me as a cameraman. But that’s another story.” The segment then ended.

Following Trump’s win, there’s been a severe backlash against mainstream media outlets, including CNN. Critics have said that the network has taken a pro-Clinton, anti-Trump slant throughout the election cycle.

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