BREAKING: Chicago Police Refuse To Provide Protection For Obama For A Good Reason

Obama and his family were in Chicago over the weekend but it didn’t go quite as planned. The reason for the visit was to promote their $50 million book deal and to visit the site of the new Obama presidential library slated to be built this year. They were also planning to visit the Brookfield Zoo and a couple of other area attractions.

Instead they spent most of the weekend in a hotel after learning that the Chicago Police department refused to provide the necessary escorts and protection to keep them safe for their planned activities. With only a small contingent of Secret Service to rely on, they had to settle for having a pizza delivered and a short, unannounced walk on the Miracle Mile.

Chicago Police Chief Lawrence Wiggins told local Fox affiliate KSMPS:

“The CPD simply can’t afford to provide security every time President Obama comes to town. We’re not Palm Beach County. We spend our police protection money protecting our citizens in the inner city.”

The message is clear: Obama is an elitist who shouldn’t be demanding a city like Chicago provide protection for he and his family on vacation. For him to think that’s fair is a travesty.