Breaking: Bill O’Reilly Just Learned His Fate At Fox News [Details]

Famed Fox news host Bill O’Reilly has recently found himself caught up in the same web of allegations that has seen Andrea Tantaros, Gretchen Carlson and others leave the network and former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes step down from his post.

According to previous reports, Bill O’Reilly was gone from the network because he was taking his vacation, which he stated he had already planned for months. However, according to a source at the network, his fate at Fox News has already been decided.

Four anonymous sources, all of whom declined to be named, just talked with reporters at New York Magazine and told them that Bill O’Reilly is going to be fired. They said that 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch intends to let him go, despite the protests of his family members.

Said one source, “It’s up to the family.” James’ father Rupert and James’ older brother Lachlan Murdoch would rather that O’Reilly stay. A similar set of circumstances played out last year with Roger Ailes, and Ailes ended up departing from the network.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Michael Wolff stated about O’Reilly’s news, “It’s a particular sort of irony that Fox, which, to the delight of its audience, built itself on rejecting liberal assumptions, might now be brought down by such a signature liberal assumption: Where there are charges of sexual harassment, there is sexual harassment.” Do you want Bill O’Reilly to stay?
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