BREAKING: Arnold Schwarzenegger Stripped Of US Citizenship, Indicted For Tax Fraud

A lot of people look at Arnold Schwarzenegger as a conservative hero when he is, in fact, nothing but a RINO and a liberal. he drives a “green” Humvee, believes in a woman’s right to murder her own baby and backed every big government bill and regulation the Democrats in California sent him as governor.

Now he’s not so popular. After insulting President Trump and an investigation into his taxes, Arnold has been asked to voluntarily surrender his US passport and return to Austria while his citizenship in the United States is officially revoked for defrauding the US government.

Not only will Arnie not be renewing his role on The Apprentice, he won’t be taking a role on American TV at all. Jeff Deringer, Director of the WHOIP, had little to say other than that Schwarzenegger got exactly what he deserved and that other political rivals of Donald trump need to pay attention.
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