BREAKING: Another Secret Meeting With Obama Exposed–This One Hurts…It Hurts Bad

Another Republican was just caught red-handed meeting with Obama and his Deep State shadow government. The group, which operates in secret with a very public agenda of bringing down the Republican-led government, has already been credited with killing the greatest health care bill of all time, the ACHA, by recruiting people like Speaker Paul Ryan and causing a rift between rank and file GOP regulars and the Freedom Caucus.

The latest defector, which comes as a HUGE surprise, is Rep Darrell Issa (R-California). Issa is well known as the leader of the congressional committees that investigated Hillary Clinton until Trey Gowdy took over in 2015. He was seen entering a restaurant shortly after Obama arrived with Senator Chuck Schumer, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and none other than Hillary Clinton. Paul Ryan wasn’t spotted but was also unaccounted for at his office on Capitol Hill.

All in all, Trump operatives currently doing recon on Obama counted 17 high-ranking members or former members of government, all of whom are known socialists. Issa, who is considered by many to be a staunch conservative, is also the wealthiest member of congress with the most to gain from the fall of the GOP.

Trey Gowdy wasn’t available for comment, but his assistant, Mandy Gonsales, told Fox News that he has always been leery of Issa and that now we know why his committees never got to the bottom of anything. President Trump has summoned Issa to the White House. We’ll keep you updated.
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