BREAKING: 4 Pages Of Michelle Obama’s Personal Diary Leaked To The Press

A new hacktivist group calling themselves “Obamanonamous” has surfaced, promising to do all they can to expose the former president, his colleagues and his family as the socialist, fascist, communist dictators they actually were. Their manifesto, released this morning to The New York Post, states that their mission is to destroy whatever legacy the Obama presidency had left behind and to make sure that history remembers that the illegal administration, led by na foreign usurper, should never have been in the White House at all.

Their forte’ is digital espionage and they have already promised a plethora of information hacked not from the government but from the Obama’s personal computer system. The first item released was a set of four diary pages direct from the former First Lady Michelle Obama’s personal diary. They were accompanied by this statement:

“Michelle Obama hates America. She hatewd the White House and she hated being First Lady. She made it her goal to make the American people pay for her misery by spending more of their money on vacations and extravagance than all other First Ladies combined.”

The pages, which were obviously chosen for their popular talking points, dealt with school lunches, the White House Garden and spending money. They were paraphrased by Chris Matthews today on Fox Sunday:

“In Michelle Obama’s own words, she ‘couldn’t care less what a country full of bratty little white kids’ ate for lunch, but Barack made her take up something as a hobby. Another paragraph describes her wanting to spit in the lunches she hated them so much. When it came to the White House garden, she remarked that it was ‘nothing but a scam.’ She hired 14 workers to keep the vegetables from dying and made the White House chefs feed them to staffers while she had a personal aide buy the stuff she ate from a local grower.

Proabaly the worst of it were the more than 2 pages dedicated to her vacations, where she said she would ‘much rather be queen regent of Kenya’ and that her daughters looked ‘out of place’ in the house built by slaves from their father’s native land. All in all, it’s a very disturbing look into the private thoughts of a very public woman.”

The group has promised to release the rest of the diary, bit by bit, as well as files from the family budget, reports from the Obama daughters’ school and some rather disturbing images of the first family engaged in what appear to be pagan rituals and hookas. We will certainly keep you updated.
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