BLACK VOTE FOR TRUMP SURGES – More Than Double In Ten Days!

Amazing!! The latest Rasmussen poll has Trump ahead 43% to 41% over Hillary among likely voters.


But that’s not the real story. The real story is buried in the demographic data. 

Look what happened to the numbers for Black Likely Voters over the last ten days (via Ted Carroll):

If you can’t read the tweet, it says:

Black likely voters for Trump (Rasmussen Poll)

Oct 6 – 12%
Oct 7 – 13%
Oct 10 – 14%
Oct 11 – 19%
Oct 12 – 19%
Oct 13 – 24%

Support for Trump among Black Likely Voters has surged from 9% to 24% in the last ten days.

That’s a rise of 150% over ten days!

If this happens, a lot of swing states are going to go Republican. A lot of electoral votes will go for Trump!

No wonder Democrats and the Liberal media are pulling out everything they can against Trump. They’re afraid! 

Black voters are moving toward Trump. It’s a movement!

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