Barack’s Brother Just Released Obama’s Birth Certificate, It’s Worse Than We Expected

Former “American” President Barack Hussein Obama has a lot of dirty secrets, the extent of which is just being revealed, as he is in hot water for charges that he wiretapped Donald Trump at Trump Tower during the campaign, and for Barack’s growing Russia scandal.

People have become so overwhelmed with the criminal activity that Obama is being accused of that they might actually have forgotten about the fact that he got away with one of the greatest con jobs of all time, becoming the U.S. President despite the fact that he is not an American. Obama’s brother finally revealed proof.

Malik Obama, who is Barack’s half brother from the same Kenyan father, certainly has not forgotten what happened in the Kenyan government when Obama was first elected. Asked Kenyan MP James Orengo to his country’s parliament, “How could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the president of America?”

Kenyan MP Boni Khalwale added, “Could we allow … a Motion for Adjournment so that we could also continue
the celebrations of having a Kenyan ruling the USA?” Rumors of Barack’s real birth certificate had floated around, but only recently Malik found the authentic document and made it public.

Malik tweeted out the image, which bears the signature of the attending physician and even an imprint of the infant Barack Obama’s foot. Many laughed off Obama’s Hawaiian “birth certificate” as a forgery, and this new one looks far more authentic than many doubters had expected. Do you think it’s real?
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