anonymous to Hillary clinkon“Anonymous” is a loosely associated international network of activists and hackers. Their members are known as “Anons” and are sometimes seen in public wearing the Guy Fawkes masks as seen in the movie “V for Vendetta”.

The anarchist group has hacked the sites of several government agencies around the world, the Church of Scientology, child pornography sites, and several large corporations.

Now, they have apparently have a new target: Hillary Clinton.

This week, the esoteric group posted a video calling out many of Hillary Clinton’s lies. The video proclaims that she is no different than all the other politicians we have had in the past, and she will only bring negative change to the nation.

Speaking directly to Clinton, the mysterious figure in the video states, “It appears that lying has become second nature to you,” and “You are backed by the same dark suits that have supported every other past president.”

The video continues, “Remember the 30,000 emails you deleted? Remember the countless times you’e lied under oath? Remember your shady weapons deals that helped arm ISIS? Because we remember it all, as we do not forget, and we do not forgive.”

The figure also states that they plan to “expose everything”, and “the truth is about to catch up with you.”

Let’s hope this group of hackers has dug up some juicy truth about Hillary. We all know Hillary Clinton is up to her armpits in scandals, but the White House Department of Justice refuses to take any action against her.

This may prove to be a very interesting campaign season, if Anonymous follows through with their threats.

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