1 Day After Walked Out on Pence’s Speech, These Notre Dame Snowflakes Gets DEVASTATING News

If you watched the video of the college graduates from Notre Dame walk away from Mike Pence during his graduation speech, you were likely as disgusted as we were. Luckily, they are going to pay for their childish behavior.

Social media personality Chad Prather decided that he was going to melt these snowflakes during a Facebook rant. The three famous words that EVERYONE should take away from this post are, “REMEMBER THEIR FACES!” He is spot on with this statement — people are going to remember the faces of these cowards.

Let’s guess; they hate Trump because of RUSSIA, right? Their argument is invalid, and they just need to stop while they are ahead. All they are going to do is look foolish.

Prather brought up a wide range of excellent points. The reason everyone needs to “remember their faces” is because they are going to be the ones coming to look for a job soon. Prather urges when they do come job hunting, do not hire them.

If you are their boss, you are going to have to eventually tell them things that upset them. We can see clear as day how they deal with disappointment. If they can’t handle sitting through their graduation, how are they going to survive in the workforce?

The snowflakes are going to walk away as soon as the going gets tough. You don’t need people like that working in your company. You should always seek to hire individuals who are going to get the job done, regardless of any roadblocks that come up or how long it takes.

Prather went on to add that if you are seeking to make it in life and be a figure of authority, you need to RESPECT authority. If you are unwilling to show a shred of respect, you are going to fail before you even begin. If you walk around thinking you are better than everyone, you are going to get kicked down a notch in a HURRY.

All business owners should heed the advice that Prather is offering. We need to build an America that is full of value, hardworking people, and continuous, positive change. If we can get these snowflakes out of our workforce, we can make leaps and bounds in ways never thought possible.

Twitter users immediately let them know that they are sick of seeing these liberals snowflakes:

This is not how the real world works. These snowflakes need to learn to listen and respect people. They can’t just go home to mommy every time when they disagree with someone.

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Source: conservativefighters.com